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The Stella® is the new standard for a premium vaporizer pen, expertly packed into our signature black stainless steel body and designed with top tier features… Prepare for liftoff.

Experience Flavor Beyond This World

Stella’s atomizer is long-lasting and designed with a TCR heating element to provide a constant temperature through the heating process and ensuring maximum flavor with minimal waste.

Crafted out of black stainless steel for an elegant, yet durable look and feel, the Stella® sets the standard for a premium vaporizer pen. Featuring three heat settings and a pre-heat mode, the Stella® can handle any type of concentrate.

Stella’s atomizer is fully ceramic with no exposed coils, fitted with a floating vaporization chamber to optimize performance. The Stella® is what discreet dabbing on-the-go was always meant to be.

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  • Premium

    The new standard for a premium vaporizer pen

  • Ready in Seconds

    Heats to target temperature and remains consistent through each and every hit

Temperature Controlled for Consistency

Temperature Controlled for Consistency

Stella® comes with a built-in alumina ceramic vaporization chamber with a sealed alumina ceramic TCR heating element. Instead of outputting a constant voltage, Stella’s TCR heating element allows the voltage to adjust based on the desired temperature selected. Benefits of temperature control include avoiding dry or burnt hits, preservation of the atomizer, extended battery life, and overall vape consistency.

Upgraded Vortex Airflow

Upgraded Vortex Airflow

Stella® features a vortex-like airflow functionality, optimizing flavor and vapor production, due to the offset air inlets in the vaporization chamber. We’ve also upgraded this pen with a floating vaporization chamber to optimize performance. The floating chamber reduces the contact of the chamber with the rest of the body of the pen, reducing heat transfer to the user’s hands and helps focus heat to the vaporization chamber.



Designed with three heat settings plus a preheat setting, the Stella® offers a temperature for everyone. Stella® atomizers are built to last and designed to provide maximum flavor with minimal waste. This is the next generation premium vaporizer pen.

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